Constructed in 1923 as the corporate headquarters of Barbasol Shaving Cream, 846 N. Senate Ave also served as the company’s first factory where its iconic shaving cream was filled and packaged entirely by hand.
During the “Roaring Twenties,” Babe Ruth, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and many other prominent celebrities made popular advertisements that made Barbasol a household name. 
When World War II erupted, Barbasol Shaving Cream became the standard for all U.S. soldiers. During this time, the company also sold its products for no profit to help the American war effort. 
Almost 50 years later, the beard buster gained fame as an essential prop in the classic film Jurassic Park.
In 2021, Barbasol’s “Barber Pole Cans” remains a significant brand on shelves worldwide.